USA’s obsession to punish Russia for ‚another 9/11‘ to trigger WWIII?

The USA has been obsessed with the idea to punish Russia lately. Targeted actions to retaliate for the „new Pearl

Egypt becomes Russia’s largest buyer of food

Egypt has become the largest buyer of Russian food products, having left China behind for the first time, RBC reports

After Syria, Russia goes to Afghanistan

Terrorists stationed on the territory of Afghanistan may arrange subversive activities on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Champions League Round of 16: Bayern thrash Besiktas, Barça get a point at Chelsea

Champions League Round of 16: Bayern thrash Besiktas, Barça get a point at Chelsea As FC Porto found out last

US military, fearing Russian missiles, to abandon costly satellites

The US military, fearing Russian and Chinese missiles, will abandon reconnaissance aircraft and costly satellites to create a unified information

Russian curler Krushelnytsky shocked and crushed by his doping test result

Russian curling player Alexander Krushelnytsky, who won Russia’s first-ever Olympic medal in curling with his wife Anastasia Bryzgalova, stated that

Russia works to calm and appease Western partners whose warships enter Black Sea

The United States has been increasing its presence in the Black Sea. USS Carney entered the water area of the

Woman bartender punches male visitor to death

A man was killed in a bar of the town of Kolomna near Moscow. The man was killed on February

Artist who burnt Catholic church model in Russia puzzled by public reaction

The scandal around the „Flaming Gothic“ performance that sparked on Saturday, February 17, in Nikola-Lenivets Art Park in the Kaluga

Men can get rid of toxins with the help of masturbation

Scientists from Australia believe that periodic masturbation is very good for men healthwise. An act of masturbation helps men relieve

Australian Ambassador to Moscow clears city of snow

Australian Ambassador to Moscow Peter Tesch asked Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to remove piles of snow from Kropotkinsky Lane, where

Russia to wage war in five spaces

Russia as a party to the military conflict with a high-tech enemy will conduct combat operations in at least two

Significant gaps in Women’s Empowerment

New UN Women report uncovers significant gaps for women’s empowerment and puts forth robust agenda to shift gears Spotlights inequalities

Germany to triple number of soldiers for NATO’s drills to contain Russia

In 2018, Germany is to triple the quantity of troops to be sent for NATO exercises to contain Russia, Spiegel

Turkey leaves NATO and Putin behind on the way to the Red Sea

Turkey has been a staunch NATO member for almost 70 years. As it appears, though, Turkey no longer wants to

PMC Wagner chief: 14 were killed in Syria

Andrei Troshev, who is believed to be the chief of PMC Wagner, was spotted in St. Petersburg on February 15.On

Terrorist kills Christians in Kizlyar to set Orthodox and Muslim believers against each other

The gunner, who attacked parishioners of an Orthodox church in the town of Kizlyar, Dagestan, was identified as 22-year-old resident

Mother of arrested Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov dies

The mother of Russian theatre director Kirill Serebrennikov has died because of a serious illness. Earlier, director Alexei German Jr.

Russian curling athlete’s second doping test positive

The doping scandal surrounding Russian curler Alexander Krushelnytsky continues. Experts opened his doping sample on Monday, February 19, in Seoul,

Russia urges USA not to play with fire in Syria

Russia calls on the United States not to play with fire in Syria and carefully prepare its moves, Russian Foreign

Russian athletes allowed to display national symbols under humiliating condition

Olympic athletes from Russia (OAR), who have finished performing at 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, were allowed to use

The Congress of Curmudgeons

A curmudgeon is a common person, someone you might find lying around the house, or the Senate for that matter.

Tariq Ramadan: We Choose Justice and the Presumption of Innocence

Tariq Ramadan: We Choose Justice and the Presumption of Innocence  We the undersigned feminists, academics, professionals and human rights activists,

March 8: Not changing what must be changed

Disagree (s) with the conclusions of the preparatory commission on March 8 After attending the meeting called by „El Salto“,

UN Women flagship report: Turning promises into action: gender equality in the 2030 Agenda

UN Women flagship report: Turning promises into action: gender equality in the 2030 Agenda Two years after the adoption of

Europa League: Mixed fortunes for Russian clubs

Europa League: Mixed fortunes for Russian clubs An away draw for CSKA in Serbia, a win for Lokomotiv in France,

The women behind the men behind the genius

by Guy SomersetIn this vein are collected some of the more heartfelt gestures of adoration and commitment which resound down

Why the West needs strong Russia and strong Putin

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said recently that the notorious „Kremlin report“ materialised as a result of the undercover struggle

USA toads to Turkey

Turkey and the United States agreed to create a mechanism to normalise relations, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said.During the

Canadian journalist struck with what he saw in Russia’s Sports House in Pyeongchang

A Canadian journalist was struck by Russia’s hospitality after he paid a visit to the Russian Sports House in South

MiG Corporation to make fifth-generation fighter from MiG-35

The administration of MiG Corporation intends to modernise the state-of-the-art MiG-35 fighter to the level of a fifth generation aircraft.MiG

NATO wants Russian Iskander missile systems to be more transparent

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged Russia to show more transparency when deploying Iskander-M cruise missile complexes in the Kaliningrad

Russia deploys powerful army in the Caucasus to contain NATO

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has started reorganising the 58th Army in the south of Russia. The

Round and round in circles: Gun violence in the USA

Round and round in circles: Gun violence in the USA To make one mistake is human. To make the same

Russian curling queen Anastasia Bryzgalova steals the show in Pyeongchang

Russian Olympic bronze medalist Anastasia Bryzgalova has won the hearts of foreign fans of curling. Many compare the Russian curling

America always thirsty for more blood that even children can shed

Nikolas Cruz, 19-year-old student, who opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Florida, and who had been excluded for

Panic in the cockpit: Causes for An-148 crash near Moscow named

Specialists of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) have recovered first data from the flight recorder of the An-148 passenger aircraft

Russia gives up on major natural gas deposit near Crimea

The Russian authorities intend to cease production at the largest natural gas field in the Crimean shelf zone known as

Love for guns leads to another school shooting in USA, claims at least 17 lives

Another tragedy in the US has claimed the lives of at least 17 people, and the death toll may climb

Champions: Liverpool and Real, Soccer bites the dust

Champions: Liverpool and Real, Soccer bites the dust It is getting more and more obvious that European soccer is becoming

Large section of German autobahn collapses

In the federal land of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania  (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) in the north of Germany, a large section of A20 autobahn collapsed

Oliver Stone’s ‚Putin Interviews‘ delayed in Russia

Channel One has postponed the broadcast of the fourth episode of Oliver Stone’s „The Putin Interviews“ documentary. The decision was

How many Russians did the USA kill in Syria?

The Kremlin does not exclude the presence of Russian citizens in Syria, who are not affiliated with the Russian Armed

Former Russian MP shares all secrets of the Kremlin with Kiev

The hearings of the case the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych continued in Kiev on February 14. This time,

Details of telephone conversation between Putin and Poroshenko unveiled

Putin’s official spokesman Dmitry Peskov unveiled a few details about the recent telephone conversation between President Putin and his Ukrainian

US-led coalition kills dozens of Russians in Syria?

The American press unveiled a video of the drone attack of the US-led international coalition in northern Syria.According to Twitter

Court rules that woman without breasts becomes man

In Yekaterinburg, a woman, who removed her breasts, was deprived of her children on the basis of a court decision.

Cyclops goat born in Malaysia

A one-eyed goatling was born on a farm in the Malaysian State of Sabah.The baby goat was born on Sunday,

UEFA Football kicks off again

UEFA Football kicks off again This week the first games of the Champions League Last Sixteen and the Europa League

The joke about the Dutch FM who met Putin

The joke about the Dutch FM who met Putin By Lin Housman Do you know that joke about the Dutch